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The textile district of Macrolotto di Prato is famous for being the largest ready-to-wear in Europe. An area in expansion and continuous development to improve the proposals and be always in step with the market.


Our firm, strategically located near the Macrolotto of Prato, aims to help customers to contact the best suppliers in person and online.


Customers who use our service are always up to date, are facilitated in the procurement process and logistics management.


From clothing to knitwear, from shoes to bags and accessories


Fast Fashion

Dedicated service to customers who need production realized in a few days


Dedicated service to customers who need collections and planned productions


Aimed at customers who need a quality and a specific care of the product


For customers who are looking for fabric stocks or who want to choose items to be produced


Available to create synergies with those who want to share our experience

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The experience gained and the different skills present within the team allow us to follow all customers in their fields of competence

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